What is Sperm Donor?
Donor sperm is sperm taken from a healthy male donor, so that it can be frozen and stored in a sperm bank. Then, the sperm becomes available to women looking to become pregnant. Once a donor has been selected, his sperm will be used to fertilize the female recipient’s egg, normally during artificial insemination or other assisted reproductive technologies and in vitro fertilisation.
Donor sperm for sperm donation in Cyprus IVF Clinic is taken from “CRYOS” which is one of the most reliable sperm banks in Europe . There are hundreds of different sperms with different characteristics in our labaratory bank. We give the information about the phenotipic properties of the sperm donors and try to match the recipients partner characteristics and special needs.

Who is Sperm Donation Recommended for? 
A fertility specialist will generally recommend sperm donation for couples in which the male partner has:
–Low sperm count or is suffering from azoospermia (i.e. no sperm in his semen).
–Genetic defects, such as haemophilia, that may be transmitted to the child.
It can also be a good option for couples in which both partners have normal reproductive organs, but may not be able to have a child because of Rhesus incompatibility, as well as single women or gay couples wishing to have a child.
It should be noted, however, that women how have fertility problems such as ovarian failure, will not be eligible for sperm donation.
The donors are ordinary, physically and mentally healthy men from a broad cross section of society. Most of them are students from institutions of higher education. Each donor candidate meets rigorous selection criteria and undergoes a thorough examination prior to acceptance. The donors receive a small remuneration, but it is our belief that they are genuine in their desire to help others. Donors are fully informed of the purpose of being a donor. The donors sign a contract declaring that they do not belong to any risk groups or have had any risky behaviour related to exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Donors renounce all paternal rights and responsibilities. The donors are given explicit assurance of anonymity.
As Cryos is supplying donor semen to many countries and as different countries have different approval procedures for donors and semen, Cryos operate with different Release Standards. Donors are tested and approved according to at least one Release Standard, but often more. For instance:

The most common medical examinations included in the Release Standards are:
Sexual transmitted diseases:
HIV 1 and -2
HTLV-I and –II
Hepatitis B & C
Genetic conditions:
Extensive questionnaire
Clinical examination including anamnesis and at least 3 generation family history
Blood typing (AB0 + Rh)
Chromosome analysis Sickle cell disease**
Tay-Sachs disease**
Cystic fibrosis**
Canavan disease**
Gaucher disease**
Niemann-Pick disease**
Fanconi anemia**
* Only UK and USA
** If increased risk of being a carrier
In regards to the anonymity of the donor, unless you choose a man you know to become your sperm donor, you will not be entitled to any information about him. In fact, according to the rules, the identity of the sperm donor cannot be revealed to the recipients, though his physical characteristics, blood group and other pertinent information can be told in order to help find the most suitable match. Similarly, the donor is also not permitted to receive information about the recipient. He also does not have any parental rights to any children born from his sperm.