IUI (Intra uterine insemination) can usually be recommended to certain couples before attempting IVF( in vitro fertilization).Couples who regularly perform sexual intercourse without protection for one year and do not conceive can benefit from IUI, if they are found to be suitable for this procedure after examination of the semen profile and gynaecologic investigations. IUI can be performed only when the semen includes adequate sperm concentration, motility and morphology (shape) and the fallopian tubes of the women are intact (allowing passage of the eggs).

Although IUI is cheap and easy, the success rate is low and therefore it is recommended to proceed with in vitro fertilization treatment after 2 or 3 failed attempts.

How is it done?
Follicular growth is traced in the female. When the follicles are mature the male produces the semen which is prepared (washed and concentrated) in the laboratory. The preparation is then injected into the womb.

The success rate:
Although the basic methodology remains the same, every clinic has its modifications which may affect the success rate. It is now generally accepted that the success rate of IUI ranges between 10-15%.